don't call it a comeback

Galliano’s Second Comeback Appears to Be Happening

Photo: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images

Those rumors about John Galliano’s return to the luxury world? Looks like they were actually correct: In a press conference yesterday in Moscow, the designer confirmed his role as director of the Russian beauty-megachain L’Etoile, which operates 900 stores in Russia and the Ukraine. According to a press release, Galliano will  “create communication and brand images for the chain, plus be involved in developing makeup and accessories collections to be part of L’Etoile’s signature cosmetics brand, called L’Etoile Selection.” To really drive home the point, the always-peacockish designer even made a memorable appearance striding down a smoke-filled runway to a song that declared “John is back.” Yeah, we get it.

Galliano’s Second Comeback Is Happening