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Game of Thrones Couple of the Week: Take Off Your Clothes

There were so many contenders for this week’s award. Brienne and Pod continue on their fun road trip, this week sharing kidney pie and eye-rolls. On the much darker end of the buddy spectrum, the Hound explained the heartbreaking origin of his burns and deep-seated dislike for most of humanity before letting Arya stitch up his wound. There’s a real hard-won bond between those two misfits.

But, listen, I’m only human. And humans, even if they’re icy blonde warrior queens who control dragons and free slaves, are not immune to a sexily gruff voice, five o’clock shadow, and floppy hair — as Daenerys revealed last night. So: For finally giving in to half a season’s worth of foreplay and bouquets of wildflowers, and for granting the audience a scene that was presumably so hot we didn’t even need to witness it (for those left unsatisfied, some fanfic), Daario and Daenerys are the king and queen of our hearts and libidos.

Who They Are: As the mother of dragons, war strategist, and freer of slaves, Daenerys has been so focused on her pursuit of the throne that she’s neglected to treat herself. Sexually. Enter Daario, her faithful solider who humbly confesses to having only two talents: war and women. Guess which one Daenerys was more interested in.

Why They Rule: It’s so refreshing to see a GOT woman using sex for her own indulgence. When Daenerys tells Daario to “take off your clothes,” it’s not a power play, not a move in her chess game — it’s simply for her own pure, lip-parting lust. Thank you, Daario, for obliging, and thank you HBO for the gift of shameless Michiel Huisman objectification.

Best Couple Moment: Dat ass.

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