Hamptons Shuttle Offers Newfangled ‘Selfie Machine’

Photo: Michael Krinke/Getty Images

The Hamptons beach shuttle is claiming its place at the forefront of innovation with this new development: “a selfie machine.” The co-founder of Hamptons Free Ride shuttle system spoke to the New York Post about the unexpected inspiration:

Everyone’s very selfie crazy right now. We had a ton of people getting into cars and taking pictures of themselves with cellphones. We thought it might be fun to build [the machines]. There’s a quick spot check. We try to make sure there’s nobody flashing the cameras.

Well, well, don’t keep me waiting any longer, you’re crying out — how ever did they pull off this new selfie-machine innovation? Oh, it’s an iPad mounted in the backseat. Keep progressing, American culture. And keep up that reputation where business owners don’t trust you to keep your clothes on.

Hamptons Shuttle Offers New ‘Selfie Machine’