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How to Wear a Plunging V-Neck and Not Flash the World

If you’re planning to wear a plunging V-neck to an event anytime soon and don’t want to flash everyone while raising the roof or reaching for the bread basket, you’ll need to professionally secure your cleavage. But with a little preparation, the right tools, and this handy GIF guide, you’ll no longer live in fear of freeing a nipple. Here, five easy steps to battening down the hatches.

Step 1: Grab a heavy-duty double-sided fashion tape, like this one from Fashion Forms.

Step 2: Take a three-inch piece and bend it in half length-wise. It should split one side of the adhesive backing off; peel this off.

Step 3: With one hand holding one side of the neckline, affix the sticky side of the tape underneath your neckline, leaving about a quarter of an inch of space between the tape and the edge so it won’t be visible.

Step 4: Now peel the second layer of adhesive backing off of the tape. It’s important not to pull or tug at the neckline when pressing down, as it will likely make the tape fall off if there’s too much tension. Make sure that the fabric lies on the skin at a comfortable place, this way it won’t come off.

Step 5:  Repeat on the other side. Voilà! Nothing’s going anywhere.

How to Wear a Plunging V-Neck and Keep It All In