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Karlie Kloss Is Being Scholarly at Harvard Right Now

Photo: karliekloss/

“Harvard at some point is in the plan, but all in good time,” Karlie Kloss told the Daily Front Row during Berlin Fashion Week last January. Apparently, her definition of “good time” is “roughly 18 months.” Kloss is currently pulling a Portman — by which we mean being an intimidatingly beautiful person who attends Harvard — at least judging by her Instagram account. She posted pictures of herself posing with the John Harvard statue in the Yard, and highlighting a stack of study sheets in wicked-smaht fashion. One caption read, “I am very excited to be spending a few days here on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge for a class this week. I had to pay respect to Mr. John Harvard himself and rub his foot for good luck ;).”

Karlie, we’re sorry to tell you that that foot is literally a petri dish of bacteria made from Howard Hughes’s nightmares. Also, based on the fact that one photo is taken at Baker Business Library, it seems like she might actually be pulling a Tyra, enrolling in HBS’s certificate-granting Executive Education Program. Which is not actually as hard as getting into Harvard (as her boyfriend, Josh Kushner, and other luminaries did). But still. Further that education, girl!

Karlie Kloss Is Being Scholarly at Harvard Now