Michael Kors Had a Splashy, Jet-Set-Themed Show in Shanghai

Photo: Hong Wu/Getty Images

“My eye is always traveling and right now it’s on Shanghai,” Michael Kors tweeted on Friday as he prepared for his brand’s extravaganza in the city. Kors’s jet-set-themed outing — part of the growing trend of spectacular internationally staged fashion events, with Burberry having put on a Shanghai extravaganza two weeks ago — certainly lived up to the hype. Guests — including Hilary Swank, Freida Pinto, and Miranda Kerr— arrived to find a jumbo jet parked on the makeshift runway. As if that weren’t dramatic enough, the show also incorporated 3-D video and hologram technology. And for those of us who didn’t get an invite, the night can be relived via smartphone with the MK360 app, which the brand just launched today. In the meantime, click through our slideshow for a 2-D take on the proceedings.

Kors Had a Jet-Set-Themed Show in Shanghai