the thigh's the limit

Men’s Shorts Are Getting Dangerously Short, Warns WSJ

Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

“If men’s shorts were a glacier in Greenland, scientists would be freaking out,” reports The Wall Street Journal. While the situation may not be that dire, the paper reports that inseams are shrinking as low as five inches: Men’s shorts are getting really short.

While previous iterations took their cues from NBA players, “dropping so far down the calf that Linnaeus would have stuck them in the pants family,” this season’s men’s shorts have taken a sudden turn into Daisy Duke territory. (Super-short Adidas soccer shorts and OP trunks have also become hot properties on eBay, according to the report.) We’ll be watching expectantly for the season’s first glimpse of man-thigh.

Man-Shorts Getting Dangerously Short, Warns WSJ