Obsessive Tester: What Are the Best Konjac Sponges?


Good news for Elaine, re: sponges — at least konjac sponges — are plentiful and show no signs of running out. Made out of a starchy, root vegetable called the konjac, these sponges have been an exfoliating mainstay in Asian beauty routines for years. Known for being effective at sloughing off dead skin (microbeads are a rarity in Asia) these sponges are a natural, gentle way to exfoliate every day and ensure that your skin cells turn over faster than the standard 28-day cycle. Faster turnover equals more new skin and more of that elusive glow. You can use them with cleanser or alone (I tried both), but soak the sponges, which arrive dry and feel like Styrofoam before use. Sponge in a circular motion over your face and lightly rinse, and you’ll find the motions to be even gentler than the Clarisonic, with the same soft-skin aftereffect.

We tried five different konjac sponges on the market. The verdict: There’s no real way to go wrong in choosing a konjac sponge.

Obsessive Tester: Best Konjac Sponges