happy mother's day

Princeton Mom Has a Few Questions for You

Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC

As predicted, Princeton Mom continues to slightly repackage her single idea for each holiday in this calendar year. This holiday was Mother’s Day, and Susan Patton wrote a call-to-arms for procreation in the New York Post, which included many rhetorical questions about your womb. Here they are, presented without comment, in the order she desired: 

1. You’re happily married … so, why no babies of your own?

2. Busy Miss Important can’t take time away from her glamorous career to have a child?

3. If children are a vital component of your life plan for happiness, what are you waiting for?

4. A more convenient time to be pregnant?

5. Freeze your eggs, you say?

6. A surrogate?

7. In-vitro fertilization?

8. Adoption?

9. Honestly, why did you have children to begin with?

Which question would you like to address first? She’s not going to wait forever now, you dear darling fool, and neither will that less-fertile-by-the-hour uterine carrying-case of yours.

Princeton Mom Has a Few Questions for You