science says they're real

Research Confirms Beer Goggles Are for Real

Photo: Roy Mehta/Getty Images

Researchers from the University of Bristol decided to test whether alcohol really does give a rose-colored tint to people you want to make out with. While make-outs through history have indeed indicated this, now there is an official legit study from real science to cite. Beer goggles: They do exist.

However did diligent scientists prove such a thing? Well, volunteers drank either an alcoholic beverage or an ersatz-booze-placebo-beverage. Then, they all looked at images of 20 female faces, 20 male faces, and 20 landscape portraits. People who drank alcohol rated all the image types higher.

Yes, your mind leaped in the correct fashion: Beer goggles also work on landscapes. Enjoy that. The next time you try to take a lovely post-drinks walk through your local meadow, know that your admiration for its verdant flora and gentle slopes is a tainted lie. 

Research Confirms Beer Goggles Are for Real