Revisit Studio 54 With Bob Colacello’s Factory-Era Memorabilia

Photo: Bob Colacello/Courtesy of Paddle8

Bob Colacello is an admitted hoarder. The former Interview editor claims to have saved every invitation he’s ever received, and that’s not the half of it: “I really have boxes of files that I’ve been keeping forever, from all kinds of people and subjects, thinking that I might write about them someday,” he told the Cut. In the meantime, he’s auctioning some of it off on Paddle8: Today through June 5, you can bid on everything from a signed Christmas card from Yves Saint Laurent to a Polaroid of Bianca Jagger at her birthday party to an Andy Warhol snapshot of Colacello in drag.

“I sort of got [beaten] by the IRS in April,” Colacello explained when asked about the impetus for the sale, which marks the first time that he’s sold any Factory-related memorabilia, though he auctioned off some Warhol paintings in 2005. “It is hard to part with some of the stuff, I have to tell you,” he reflected. “The Brigid Berlin pillow I really loved, but I got tired of having to put it in the closet every time the cleaning lady came … you know, the one with all the little penises, in needlepoint?”

“Whenever you sell something, the minute it’s sold you wish you hadn’t sold it, but you move on,” he said, adding: “And there’s a lot more where that came from.” Click through the slideshow for a first look at Colacello’s collection, including snapshots of Valentino, John Travolta, Diane von Furstenberg, and more.

Revisit Bob Colacello’s Factory-Era Memorabilia