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Rihanna Protests Instagram’s Nipple Restrictions

As evidenced by topless springtime strolls, and forgoing bras under various suggestions of shirts, Rihanna is quite proud of her breasts. You go, RiRi! Boobs are great. Recently, the singer/fashion icon posed in free-boob, nipple-ring-having glory on the cover of French magazine Lui. So, naturally, she chose to share the moment with her 13 million Instagram followers.

Of course, since this violates their terms of use, Instagram responded by taking down her photograph like it was a gratuitous nip shot as opposed to an artful fashion magazine cover. C’mon! This is almost as ridiculous as the Petra Collins pube censorship of last year. (But people of Instagram, feel free to post sexually explicit comments without fear of censorship!)  

Well, Rihanna is not just going to put on a bra and a shirt and remain silent. She’s been responding with a visual protest of her own by:

Fighting censorship with humor:

Fighting censorship with illustrated nipples:

Fighting censorship by getting meta with an Instagram of a photo of the photo of her nipples:  

Fighting censorship by taking her boobs to Twitter, where nudity is cool: 

Free the nip, damn the Insta-Man! Artfully photographed boobs for us all!

Rihanna Protests Instagram’s Nipple Restrictions