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CFDA Honoree Ruth Finley on Numerology and Finicky Designers

Photo: Neil Rasmus/

Keeping fashion people organized is no enviable task — it’s more like herding a bunch of very fancy cats. That’s why Ruth Finley, creator of the Fashion Calendar, is so deserving of this year’s CFDA Board of Directors Tribute Award. The keeper of the ironclad Fashion Calendar, she’s gotten to know many designers over the years, from Charles James to Norman Norell. “I knew Marc Jacobs before he had a partner, when he was carrying his clothes around in a suitcase,” Finley tells Scheduling hasn’t always been easy.

One designer would never take a date with a four in it because that was a bad omen. Another designer, Arnold Scaasi, would not confirm his date until he consulted his numerologist, so I called him and said, “Let me have the number of your numerologist, I’ll solve this.”

But the octogenarian is not planning on retiring anytime soon: “Too young.”

Ruth Finley on Numerology and Finicky Designers