lying liars

Teens Lie on Scientific Surveys for Jokes

Photo: Creatas Images/Getty Images

New research on teens — though all research on teens has now been rendered moot — shows that teens lie on scientific surveys for their comedy. Of course they do, those delightful pranksters. Keeping us young!

NPR reports on a new study describing the “Mischievous Responders” who significantly skew scientific surveys by composing works of fiction. They say they’re seven feet tall or have three kids. They love inventing artificial limbs. Ninety-nine percent of the 253 teens who said they had fake limbs on one survey had real limbs and mischievous brains.

So what have we really learned from all those studies? Figures lie and liars figure and teens are just laughing all the way home. Suckers! they think, kicking their youthful heels into the air and wondering about whether anyone appreciates the subversive comedy of their fibs.

Teens Lie on Scientific Surveys for Jokes