The Complete Photo Timeline of the Night Solange Attacked Jay Z in Front of Beyoncé

Photo: Splash News

Why Solange Knowles attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z while her sister Beyoncé stood idly by remains a complete mystery — seriously, someone tell us what’s going on here — but there’s no shortage of related media with which to speculate. In addition to the three-minute elevator-attack video published by TMZ from a Met Gala after-party, the Knowles-Carters were photographed nonstop before and after in various states of composure. The night ended with Solange scowling as she headed toward a car, Jay adjusting his pants as he stepped into a different vehicle, and Beyoncé, ever poised, faking a smile. Before, it looked more like a fairy tale. Here’s everything else that went down throughout the night — in public, at least — and during the days since.

The Timeline of the Night Solange Attacked Jay Z