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Wendy Mullin Returns With Comfortable New Line, Soft Rock

When Built by Wendy founder Wendy Mullin became a mother and started clocking the requisite time at her local playground, she started to notice that everyone around her was in what she calls “momming-it” mode. Inspired to find a chic take on casual running-around gear, she created the line Soft Rock, which she calls “an alternative to giving up and wearing sweatpants.”

Mullin says she asked herself, “What would clothing look like if it were easy-listening music? In the best way, of course, like when you’re grocery shopping and you hear the Carpenters or Cat Stevens.” The so-uncool-it’s-cool vibe found its way into simple silhouettes in cotton gauze, like forgiving tunics and track pants that give women “options on what you want to cover up or show.” Mullin tapped Dolly Wells, the star of HBO’s Doll & Em, to star in the look book. (The line debuts today on the e-commerce platform Byco.)

Photo: J Grassi/PatrickMcMullan

Mullin’s plans for Soft Rock are appropriately low-key and organic: She will update the pieces every few months in new colors and shapes, with heavier constructions like wool and silk gauze coming for fall. The line will be available at wholesale later this year.

Wendy Mullin Returns: The Cozy, Easy Soft Rock