A Teenager Threw a Movie-Worthy Party and It Seems Super-Lame

Photo: Twitter

Somewhere in Ontario on a Friday night, a teenager threw a party: His mother had given him permission to have “some friends over,” and he selected the family’s still-under-construction mansion as his venue. He created a coded social-media hashtag (#mansionparty) and employed exclusive, secret communication channels (Twitter) to publicize the event to 2,000 of his best bros. By 9:30, 60 cops “from every division” in Ontario descended upon the party. They were impressed no one was injured, except for the house, which will need approximately $70,000 in repairs.

To note: This party sounds stupid as anything. Already some observers have remarked that it appears to have been unintentionally mostly male. But the police arriving at a child’s bedtime (9:30), the lazy ambiguity of that “having some friends over” ploy, the dorkiness of the written words #mansionparty? Get it together, teens.

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