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Zosia Mamet’s Feminism Ends in a Muffin Shop

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Zosia Mamet’s second essay for Glamour is her crack at redefining success from a feminist perspective. Zosia is of the Arianna Huffington school of thought, also known as the not-using-boy-definitions credo. (The boy definition of success is money combined with power, in case you don’t know any boys or haven’t watched a movie with “Wall Street” in the title.)

Mamet purports that we pursue individual definitions of success and hold other women in high regard for doing the same. Mamet’s personal definition is to open “a small coffee shop in Vermont.” She doesn’t want it to become a franchise. And she wants a hot cup of respect for pursuing her dream.

And no matter what we as individual women want, no matter what our goals, we have to support one another. Because I might actually open a café in Vermont—just a small one, where I make the muffins myself—and I hope you ladies don’t think me any less of a woman for it.

This has been the conclusion of Zosia Mamet’s plug for her nascent Vermont bakery-café, which is a also a symbol of contemporary feminism. The password of entry will be your own individual definition of success and a list of times you thought about training for a marathon and running for a city government position, but did not.

Zosia Mamet’s Feminism Ends in a Muffin Shop