Angela Merkel Is Screening Phone Calls

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

A supposed political friend of German Chancellor Angela Merkel needed her help in a public forum. Wolfgang Bosbach, the chairman of her parliamentary group, was playing a celebrity version of Germany’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He needed to know about an East German washing machine and he decided to phone a friend, his friend Angela. She used to live in East Germany!

Bosbach declared: “She’s always happy to see me and hear my voice.” He called twice.

Photo: WWM website - screengrab

Yes, he called once and then again, and he waited as the rings ringed on.

After this silence — this new breed of silence, silence that can only set forth when one is waiting and hoping and praying that Angela Merkel picks up her phone, but Angela Merkel is ignoring your call — Bosbach folded.

He had 125,000 euros to comfort himself, which he was donating to charity. The BBC reports:

At the end of the show he received a text back from Ms Merkel saying: “Ok whatever it was, warm greetings from am.”

Her warm greetings were of little use to him now. The answer was that this East German WM66 washing machine was used by its owners to stew fruit.

Angela Merkel Is Screening Phone Calls