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Band of Outsiders Gets Drippy With Starbucks Collaboration

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks

It’s not just the Olsens — fashion people have an unswerving loyalty to good ol’ Starbucks season in, season out. (Just take a gander at the Lincoln Center branch’s line during New York Fashion Week if you don’t believe us.) So it’s not surprising when the coffee giant collaborates with a designer; the only surprising thing is that it doesn’t happen more often. For its latest designer linkup (previous ones include Rodarte and Stacey Bendet; it’s also done one-off projects with the likes of Alexander Wang), Starbucks enlisted Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg to create ceramic mugs, which are available online starting tomorrow and in stores on June 24. Since the L.A.–based Sternberg’s favorite term for coffee is “drip,” he designed two playful cups with paint dripping down the sides. “The coffee drink you choose — drip, espresso or a latte — is a form of style and self-expression just as important as what you choose to put on in the morning,” the designer explained in a press release. Well, at least you’ll be well-accessorized for the bleary morning-coffee run.

Band of Outsiders Gets Drippy with Starbucks