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Bankers Forced to Wear Yoga Pants to Win Clients

Photo: Oleksandr Briagin

When it comes to sealing the deal, finance types know they have to tailor their tactics to land big business — especially when it comes to wooing fashion companies.

According to The Wall Street Journal, hopeful deal-makers endure the trauma of shedding their “Armani suits” and instead wearing a prospective client’s product to pitch meetings, even if that means sporting green corduroys or True Religion jeans. One such finance type reports that he and his brethren were required to wear “form-fitting” Lululemon yoga pants to a major meeting:

The stretchy bottoms were tight, remembers one banker who pitched the company. “It was pretty embarrassing, actually,” says the banker, who remembers leaving his hotel the morning of the pitch and feeling goofy as people in business suits walked by.

In the end, these particular bankers lost the deal — most likely because they weren’t the ideal Lululemon size 4.

Bankers Forced to Wear Yoga Pants to Win Clients