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Can DVF and Net-a-Porter Make Google Glass Fashionable?

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Today’s Net-a-Porter announcement should have both the fashion and tech crowds perking up their ears. The luxury site will be the first non-Google outlet to sell Google Glass, beginning on June 23. The styles will be from the DVF Made for Glass line, and include men’s versions to be sold on MrPorter.com. In a press release, founder and chairman Natalie Massenet said, “We are thrilled to offer Glass to our tech-savvy customers who are true leaders and innovators in style and lifestyle.”

This is yet another sally in the ongoing fight to make wearable tech, well, wearable — by the discerning fashion consumer in particular. Besides enlisting DVF, Google recently hired fashion veteran Ivy Ross to lead the Glass team. So far there haven’t been many early adopters, though Nina Garcia has worn them during Fashion Week as part of the company’s Explorers program. Will the more aesthetically pleasing design, and the Net-a-Porter stamp of approval, change public perception?

At any rate, von Furstenberg has been a longtime supporter — she wore the new styles at her resort show today and even walked the runway with Sergey Brin at a 2012 show — and sang the device’s praises, telling WWD, “You can be driving and watching a movie. I probably shouldn’t say that. The point is that you can be filming things while you’re doing them.” Um, you sure can.

Can DVF and Net-a-Porter Make Google Glass Cool?