Decode the Hidden Message in These Beyoncé Emoji T-Shirts

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Seems like the Beygency approves of that awesome emoji video that made the rounds earlier this year. The Beyoncé store is now selling $40 emoji T-shirts for two of her latest album’s more sexually charged songs, “Drunk in Love” and “Blow.”

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Wearers not only have a fun shirt, but are part of an inside joke with Beyoncé. (The dream!) While the rest of the world sees an innocent tee with a cute lil’ cartoon surfer or cherries on a stem and thinks “Point Break fanatic” or “stone-fruit enthusiast,” those who have listened to Beyoncé every day since its December release (or are advanced emoji-sexters) can decode the hidden message: I’m pro-female orgasms and a master of advanced aquatic sex positions. 

Decode the Hidden Message in Beyoncé Emoji Tees