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A Factory Worker Sent a Sad Message to a Primark Customer

Photo: Michele Tantussi/Bloomberg/Getty Images

After a shopper at Primark in Wales purchased a dress with a sewn-in label reading “Forced to work exhausting hours,” she told the South Wales Evening Post, “To be honest I’ve never really thought much about how the clothes are made. But this really made me think about how we get our cheap fashion.” Today, the U.K.-based fast-fashion chain has issued a statement in response. “We find it very strange that this has come to light so recently, given that the dress was on sale more than a year ago, with no other incidents of this kind relating to this dress,” a spokesperson for the brand told British Vogue, adding that the retailer plans to investigate the issue. (Relevant info: Primark has previously admitted to producing some of its clothes in Bangladesh’s notorious Rana Plaza factory. According to the statement, it has since signed Bangladesh’s Accord on Fire and Building Safety, and is a member of the Ethical Trade Initiative.)

A Factory Worker Sent a Sad Message to a Shopper