Governors Ball Street Style: Belly-Button Rings and Button-Downs

Photo: Keenan Reilly

Over the weekend, tristaters dusted off their jorts and aviators and headed to Randall’s Island for the fourth annual Governors Ball — a three-day music festival featuring Vampire Weekend, Outkast, and a lot of food trucks. While last year’s soggy weather resulted in a rain-boot-heavy mud fest, this weekend was, luckily, sunny, making for no shortage of crop-top- and sports-bra-clad revelers.

Festivalgoers sported everything from bicep bracelets to baseball jerseys, with plenty of belly-button rings, septum piercings, and even an occasional button-down. With the exception of Danielle Jones’s gilded-rose headband, sun hats were favored over headdresses, including more than one backward baseball cap. Click through the slideshow for a look at the weekend’s best street style, including Margot from the Dolls wearing what are possibly the widest-legged pants we’ve ever seen.

Music Festival Style in Effect at Governors Ball