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Hot Man’s Mug Shot Slays Women, Sexually

Photo: Courtesy of Stockton Police Department

After a California man was arrested in a weapons sweep, the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot to Facebook yesterday. In less than a day, it has over 16,000 “likes” and over 3,000 comments, because this criminal is easy on the eyes. He is so easy on the eyes that people are losing their minds.

There is gushing of every sort, euphemisms and word play and fan fiction. Some examples:

break me off a piece of him!!

Wow! He’s way too pretty for prison lol

my husband!!

Wat prison I wanna b locked up there lol

thank you for liking this and bringing it into my feed… LORD have mercy haha

No, thank you women for your lessons in how to cherish.

Hot Man’s Mug Shot Slays Women, Sexually