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How to Give Your Skin a Shimmery Summer Glow

Highlighting a textbook? Mostly useless. Highlighting your face? Essential for photo shoots, red carpets, and looking all-around slightly improved in just five minutes. It’s easy and looks just as good in real life as it does in pictures — luckily, the only technique needed is to pat and blend. Here, celebrity makeup artist and CK One Global Makeup Artist Hung Vanngo (last name pronounced like the other famous artist), shows us how and where to highlight your face.

Step 1: Vanngo uses CK One’s Gloss Eyecolor in Ultra, a white shimmer. Since the pencil has a bit of a gloss to it, it has a bit of a hold. Creamy highlighters tend to work best, because they create more of a glowy, lived-in effect. He draws a little bit on his hand, and then dots it on above the lip, on the cCpid’s bow. Highlighter is meant to be placed in areas that first catch light.

Step 2: He then dots and pats highlighter in the hollow of the orbital bone, under the eye. Note that he pats and dabs in the outer, lower hollow, avoiding where you normally put under-eye concealer. He doesn’t dab or pat too close to the eye, because he doesn’t want to highlight the concealer or diminish its effect. He repeats this on both eyes.

Step 3: He also dabs along the outside of the orbital corner, extending out to the area right next to the eye. This is an area that light hits when you look at someone in a side profile. Also optional is to dab some highlighter down the bridge of the nose.

Step 4: He also adds the tiniest bit of highlighter in the inner rims of the eyes, near the tear ducts. You can repeat this for both eyes.

Step 5: The finished look, with just a little bit of glisten in strategically placed areas, looks naturally radiant.

How to Give Your Skin a Shimmery Summer Glow