The Important Science of Adorable Dancing Babies

Watching this chubby baby dance circles around her skinny pal has improved my day immeasurably, and I expect it will do the same to yours (embedding disabled, unfortunately, so you’ll have to click through). What’s even better is that this provides an excuse to delve into the extremely important science of dancing babies.

Some very lucky scientists at the University of York studied this. They found that, much like their grown-up counterparts, babies tend to be far more interested in the sound of a good beat than the blah-blah-blah of human speech. And, in what has to be the most adorable experiment on record, researchers found that when babies smile, it’s easier for them to sync up their movements to the music.

Speaking of: Is our dancing toddler in this video smiling, or is that more of a concentration-grimace? Whatever it is, I’m trying it at the bachelorette party I’m attending next weekend.