Just Keep Livin’ in McConaughey’s Ultracasual Clothes

Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Today marks a great moment in the history of schlubbiness. Oscar winner, shirtlessness advocate, and sort-of designer Matthew McConaughey tells the Los Angeles Times that he’s adding “Saturday clothes” to his clothing line, Just Keep Livin’ (yes, it’s named after his catchphrase). What are “Saturday clothes”? Presumably, they would resemble what he’s wearing in the photo above. Let’s let the actor elucidate further for us.

It’s what you’re most comfortable in, period. Flip-flops that I would rather wear than be barefoot, baggy cargo shorts with enough pockets because I carry things with me, loose-fitting shirts.

So, in other words, it’s clothing that approximates the experience of being naked. Perfect for a late-night bongo jam session. When is he going to expand into women’s already?

Just Keep Livin’ in McConaughey’s Casual Clothes