Khloé Kardashian’s Kidchella Kostume Offended Everyone

Photo: kimkardashian/Instagram

You’ve got to hand it to them: The Kardashians really nailed every horrible, authentic detail for North West’s “Kidchella” birthday party, cramming two Coachella weekends’ worth of cultural appropriation into one birthday celebration.

Khloé posted an Instagram of herself in a giant feathered war bonnet, sitting next to a Nori-size tepee. Her caption — “Ray of clouds. Chirping of birds. Gurgling of water. Granting desire. One with water.” — was probably meant to sound like some sort of blessing, but actually resembled a Yoda impression. This Kardashian-sphere post, along with Nori’s vaguely Native American–inspired fringe dress (cultural appropriation starts early, guys), has attracted the disapproval of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council.

“I just can’t believe she would be that insensitive to think it was OK to wear that war bonnet at a kids’ party,” director Cliff Matias told “Page Six.” “Now you have a celebrity at a kids’ party creating a whole new generation of insensitive thinking.”

If only we could go back to the innocent days of the pink sequined cowboy hat as the trademark headgear of the festival circuit.

Khloé Kardashian’s Kostume Offended Everyone