A Random List of Utterly Impractical, Imaginary Celebrity Wedding Locations

Photo: Getty Images

“The uniqueness of the place is more important than the practicality of a place,” says Preston Bailey, a sought-after celebrity wedding planner, as a way of explaining why the fanciest of couples seem to be hosting weddings in the most inaccessible locations. “The good news,” he continues, “is the industry has grown to such a place that almost anything is possible.”

Anything, like a “hippie rave” in a carpeted desert in Marrakech; like (allegedly) lifting a 50-foot-tall golden tower of toilets into an inaccessible Florentine fort. A National Park, America’s natural heritage, can be the site of your fantastic matrimony if you want it badly enough.

Marcy Blum, another desired wedding planner to the wealthy and famous, calls these inaccessible weddings “off-premise weddings.” She says the structures built for her weddings are sometimes even more complicated than the West-Kardashian Double Nuptials. Blum says two of the past weddings she has coordinated involved veritable tent cities, with central pavilions and tented connected walkways.

Bailey says that double (even triple!) destination weddings are increasingly common — because after all, if you’re asking people to shlep to one location, you might as well ask them to shlep again. “It’s all in the hopes of keeping them entertained and amused,” he says. “If you’re traveling that far, you want the element of surprise.”

A wedding can be anywhere! The world is your marriage-bliss oyster. Certainly someone could probably set up camp atop the Brooklyn Bridge if you asked the right person nicely enough. But where else? Click through this slideshow for some of the world’s most unfeasible locations — and the celebrities we’d like to get married there.

A List of Utterly Impractical Celebrity Weddings