Mooning, Head-Butting, Purse-Hurling: The Madcap Antics of the Scottish Hairdressing Awards

Photo: OmniBouncer/Getty Images

When people buy tickets to a boxing match, they expect a fight; when people buy tickets to a debate, they expect a fight conducted with words. When 800 guests bought tickets to the 2014 Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards, they may not have expected a fight, but a fight is what they got.

The Daily Mail has full details about one of strangest dustups in the history of recent beauty-industry showcases. It included: butt-showing, head-butting, shouting, and purse-throwing.

In the words of the woman responsible for a majority of this alleged skirmish, things went “pear-shaped.”

Here is the fuzzy timeline of this peculiar rumpus at Glasgow’s Thistle Hotel for this year’s INAA awards:

• A presenter named Nimrod Kramer reads out the wrong name for an award.

• The wrongly named salon goes onstage to accept this award.

• The event’s organizer, Ruthanne Reid, notably shoeless, flies onto the stage to right this wrong. She grabs the microphone and begins “bawling,” according to a witness.

• The audience boos.

• Another woman with lots of feelings about this award leaps onto the stage, and moons Ms. Reid. Ms. Reid says she told her, “Well, that’s very ladylike.”

• Now things are fuzzy. Reid says she signaled for someone to turn the microphones back on, which was misconstrued as an attempted attack on the mooner. More fuzziness. Reportedly: Reid storms down the catwalk, knocks one guest with a purse, and head-butts another guest.

• Miss Scotland’s crown is knocked off in the rumpus, as a symbolic gesture to the chaos. 

• The dust clears and the police called to the scene fail to find evidence of a committed crime. “Forget it, Jake; it’s Chinatown.”

Madcap Antics of Scottish Hairdressing Awards