Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne: Card-Carrying Members of the Bette Davis Fan Club

Photo: Todd Oren/Getty Images

Fantastic lady Maya Rudolph interviewed fellow fantastic lady Natasha Lyonne for Interview. This professional engagement quickly divulged into an excuse for their (presumably regular) meeting of the Bette Davis Fan Club. Oh, they love her! They love her directions to Hollywood, they love attributing quotes to her that actually Mel Brooks said to them. She would totally say, “Let me tell you something: Life is not for pussies,” right? Right, they both agree.

But back to the task at hand — an important Q&A for Interview! They ponder the whereabouts of matching pinstripe sofas they bought in New York. Whither the sofas? Whither youth?

RUDOLPH: What happened to those carefree days?

LYONNE: Fucking bedbugs destroyed the city. You can’t even go to the flea market with an open heart anymore. You have to go with a full state of lockdown paranoia. It’s terrifying.

Ah, well. Closed hearts, lost sofas. Bette Davis Fan Club meeting is adjourned.

Maya Rudolph Interviews Natasha Lyonne!