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Vanity Fair’s Michael Carl Is Now Doling Out Fashion Advice on Video

This month, Vanity Fair fashion market director Michael Carl is launching a new weekly video series, Carl’s Crush. “It’s kind of like my Twitter handle come to life,” he told the Cut. “The idea was like, me having a Sports Center desk, but then that was too complicated to figure out.” So far, the resulting two-minute-long videos — which come out every Wednesday — have tackled fashion don’ts from flip-flops to French manicures, and feature Carl’s favorite catchphrase, “#NO,” repeated upwards of fourteen times.

“In my next episode I’m going to tackle social media faux pas,” he said. “I haven’t actually seen the footage yet, but I tried to make fun of myself,” he added, noting his own social-media weaknesses: “asking someone if they follow me on Instagram … and just talking about Twitter in general. I open my mouth to say something clever and I end up talking about something I just tweeted.” Future episodes will feature guest stars and many more “#NO” fashion directives. Watch the video above to see Carl’s Carrie Bradshaw impersonation as well as a takedown of the seemingly unsubstantiated plight of girls wearing tutus to work.

Michael Carl Is Now Doling Out Advice Via Video