Isaac Mizrahi: ‘Anything With a Vagina Has an Edge’

Photo: Walter McBride/Getty Images

“I’m probably the oldest queen in the entire room,” Isaac Mizrahi told the audience gathered for the Stonewall Community Foundation’s Vision Awards. He was one of a number of honorees that included filmmaker Lee Daniels (who gave a sweet speech about his boyfriend), Jason Collins, and Janet Mock. “I remember what it was like in the ‘80s, coming up in the ranks in New York City … there was an issue of New York Magazine and they wrote that I was openly gay, and people were commiserating because they thought I was outed. Remember outing in the ‘80s?”

“’Outing’ was a thing, just like ‘lesbian chic.’ Remember lesbian chic?” Mizrahi continued. “As though sexuality is a kind of edgy trend. Well, anything with a vagina has an edge, right?” Mizrahi, who was dressed in black with silver moccasins (and silver toenails), had noted earlier on the red carpet that he’s “not the most tech-savvy person. What is an app? I don’t have Uber, because I have a driver. A driver is a better app than Uber.”

Mizrahi: ‘Anything With a Vagina Has an Edge’