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This Waterproof Lipstick Will Last You for Hours

Photo: PDV

Whether you’ll be on land or sea this summer, here’s your new favorite lip stain: Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge. Created for the Parisian Aquatic Ballet (much chicer than American synchronized swimmers), these liquid lipsticks were tested out by the team and found to be durable in water for up to five hours. My test was much simpler: The lip color didn’t rub off on my coffee mug, and the rich color stayed in place for the next several hours, without looking unnaturally dyed on my lips. It’s a two-step product, with one end holding the lip stain and the other a transparent, nonstick sealer that adds the slightest bit of shine. The colors are rich enough to avoid looking flat on the lips, and the wand is precise enough to trace perfectly around the edges of your lips. My new favorite is “10 Raspberry,” a red with a tinge of pink that is a bit warmer than a traditional blue-red.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge, $24 at