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Sterling Ruby and Raf Simons Forge an Unlikely Partnership

Photo: Stefan Ruiz/T

At a time when there are so many fashion collaboration one-offs, it’s rare for two creative minds to maintain a long-lasting partnership. But for Sterling Ruby and Raf Simons, a 2005 studio visit led to an ongoing friendship, and a collaboration on Simons’s men’s collection in January. In the new Culture Issue of T Magazine, the two discuss their bond. “In fashion, there are very few people I trust, even if we are friends,” says Simons. “With Sterling I felt right away that I can talk about anything.” Ruby, for his part, says, “We collaborated 100 percent on everything. It’s the kind of collaboration that can make or break a friendship.” Luckily, it looks like theirs is still going strong. The issue is out this weekend and online now.

Ruby and Simons Forge an Unlikely Partnership