Toilet Seat Covers Only Save You From Germophobia

It is the germaphobe’s own personal hell: the public restroom. Any bacteria-fearing type whose thighs are maybe not strong enough to sustain the “hover” position for long knows that the second best defense against nasty toilet-germs is to use the seat covers, or, in their absence, a couple of sheets of toilet paper. 

But the folks at AsapSCIENCE laid down some, ah, science on YouTube this week, and their video essentially kills that long-held assumption. Yes, a layer of clean paper does indeed reduce your contact with germs. But chances are, microorganisms are already all over the bathroom. As the video explains, this is because simply flushing a toilet creates “aerosolized bacteria” — an air-lifted spray of germ droplets, in other words, which likely spreads just about everywhere in the bathroom, including that “clean” paper you so carefully placed on the seat.

In other words, the only thing that toilet seat covers may be protecting you from is your own germaphobia. 

Toilet Seat Covers Only Reduce Germophobia