Tom Ford on Failure, Babies, and Being Too Busy for Botox

Photo: Julian Mackler/BFAnyc.com

In advance of his CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, Tom Ford has been giving some highly entertaining interviews, and in today’s WWD, he sat down with Bridget Foley for a career prospectus full of typical Ford bon mots. He delivered everything from one-liners (he and longtime partner Richard Buckley tied the knot because they “didn’t want [their son] Jack to be a bastard”) to moving meditations on parenthood:

It has damaged — no, damaged is the wrong word. It has minimized my ambition a little bit, my ambition in business, my ambition in having a beautiful house. It has become the most important thing in my life. Everything else has had to recede, including my appearance. I don’t care about it. I care about being successful. I just don’t care about any of it as much. You can’t.

Ford also spoke candidly about his failures. “Oh God, I’ve had a couple of very bad collections. One I’d intended to show in the showroom and a particular French journalist called and made a huge deal of not having been invited. At the last minute, I decided I’d better do a show. I sent a collection down the runway that was a showroom collection. It didn’t hang together with a cohesive point of view. The concept that I launched with — that was a mistake. It failed.” Oh, and as for not caring about his appearance post-baby, he really means it: “I haven’t had a Botox injection or a filler. I haven’t had time.”

Tom Ford on Failure, Babies, and Botox