U.S. Soccer Hottie, Still Hot Despite Shameful Engagement Photos

Photo: Matt Clayton

Soccer player Kyle Beckerman currently holds the title of hottest member of Team USA. While his title is rife with conflict — wildly attractive with white-man dreads goes against all my college-learned disdain for the Phish-loving hacky-sack players who practiced capoeira on the quad — I’m not above collective obsession. And one  afternoon spent fully succumbing to fantasy and Google-searching returned a treasure trove. Here are Beckerman’s engagement photos, prominently featuring his famed dreads, his then-fiancée (now-wife) Kate, a canoe, and a ridiculous mountain-man hat. Still into it? Me too. What voodoo do you do, Beckerman, that suddenly makes me approve of both tribal tattoos and canoes as romantic settings?


U.S. Soccer Hottie, Hot Despite These Photos