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The Walking Dead: Most Popular TV Show for Women

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

This past weekend, TV producers including Mara Brock-Akil (The Game) and Matt Warburton (The Mindy Project) took part in a panel called “Courting the Female Audience” to share their collective knowledge about what it is women want to see when they watch television.

Some interesting insight: The Walking Dead is apparently the No. 1 show among women. Because while men are just fine with fart jokes and big explosions, we ladies have a more “demanding and discerning” palate, preferring to watch procedural crime dramas and reality shows about “real women” dealing with “real issues.” We also don’t really care if television characters are beautiful, but we do love horrible brain-eating zombies. What! Women like quality TV? And it doesn’t matter what people’s hair looks like? Who could have imagined.

Screenwriters everywhere are currently writing treatments for a “ripped from the headlines” docu-series about a charming yet tough female zombie-hunter who struggles with the search for Mr. Right.

The Walking Dead: Most Popular TV Show for Women