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When Normal Wimps Went to Fight Club: A Short Video

Here is a short video of 40 people (strangers; close friends; Haley Joel Osment) slapping each other for no reason other than that this is the exercise of this short video. It’s an abbreviated fight club, organized by screenwriter Max Landis. The vibe is very: I’m so sorry! combined with Can we do this forever! 

“The Slap” is in the same style and uses the same music as March’s viral video “First Kiss,” in which 20 strangers were gathered to make outtttttt.

Notably: There is more nervous giggling in “The Slap,” and also at least one noted friendship, forged post-slapping. Wimpy face-slaps: now up for consideration as a more socially beneficial ice-breaking experience.

When Normal Wimps Went to Fight Club: A Video