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The Photographer Helping You Relive Your Teenage Love

Photo: Olivia Bee

“Everything feels like the end and the beginning of the world when you’re 16 years old,” the photographer Olivia Bee once said. The photographer, now a doddering 20 years old, will be showing her images of adolescent ecstasy and angst at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique beginning this Friday. The exhibit, titled “Kids in Love,” will feature 28 of her dreamy photos; click through the slideshow for a preview.

4th of July (The Family You Choose) 2013

Anna (bitchcraft) 2012

Codependency Before College 2012

Pre-Kiss 2010

Running Away Lightly Magic Hour 2012

Untitled (Liam) 2011

Relive Your Teenage Love via Olivia Bee’s Photos