5 Liquid Eyeliners Tested In Workout Class

Photo: Mario Castello/Corbis

I first heard about the excellent durability and color payoff of Asian drugstore liquid liners from celebrity makeup artists like Maki Ryoke, Dick Page, and Troy Surratt (the latter of whom was so personally inspired by their formulas that he recreated a luxury version for his own namesake line). Supposedly, these liners all are super pigmented and built to withstand humid weather, with fine tips that are art pen-inspired. On a recent family vacation to Taiwan (where cosmetics from across the continent are sold), I took the opportunity to stock up, quizzing drugstore personnel about their best-selling and most waterproof versions. I returned with five and put each of them through a day-long test, capped off with a workout class. Click through for my results to find out which one you should carry this summer.

5 Liquid Eyeliners You Can Work Out In