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A Wedding Planner Calculates the Cost of Game of Thrones Ceremonies

Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO

Premium television’s answer to wedding season — Games of Thrones — is no doubt only popular because of its breathtaking cavalcade of aspirational lifestyle inspiration. Each wedding ceremony in the show seems to be more special and loving than the last, causing its audience to wonder: But how do I get myself one of those? Well! A wedding planner has evaluated each ceremony with a helpful line-item analysis

Sarah Haywood, noted “authority on multimillion-dollar weddings,” worked with the Daily Dot to thoroughly analyze each ceremony.

Would you like some dancing bears? Only $11,300 each, including insurance and handling! Insurance to back a Dothraki wedding, where at least three people are expected to die from having too much fun? $323,559. Flowers to decorate your never-ending gazebos? Half a million. A meal including a stuffed peacock? That’s $1,800 per person. A necklace with rare poison? Unsettlingly cheap, at $20. Funds to murder 30,000 of your favorite enemies? $5.6 million. 

The whole graph and analysis–from Max Fleishman and Rob Price, with references including the British Royal Wedding of 2011 and the Kardashian-West ceremony–is worth pursuing here. Just print out your favorite one, and you’ve got your budget all ready to go.

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