Instant Gratification: The 20 Chicest Things on Sale This Week


Week after week of sunny and warm days can make it easy to get caught in a style rut. Nothing’s easier than throwing on some variation of a work-appropriate dress during the weekdays and slipping into your favorite shorts and tee come weekend. Instead of sticking to a uniform, the latest batch of items on sale right now will snap you right out of that monotony. It’s buy now, wear now — better known as instant gratification at its best, made only better with discounts of up to 70 percent. Looking for a fancy dress? Thakoon and Céline both fit the bill and clock in under $400. Or if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect bikini, Prism’s high-waisted teal version is ultraflattering. Click ahead to see all 20 of the best finds of the week that you can wear immediately.

The 20 Chicest Things on Sale This Week