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5 Ways to Do a Plank Workout Like Kate Upton

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/WireImage

Earlier this year, celebrity trainer David Kirsch proudly unfurled his newest workout to a group of beauty editors. “It’s effective, simple — and really works your whole body,” he told us. And his most famous client, Kate Upton, does it all the time. What he neglected to tell us is that it’s also really, really hard.

To give you an idea of just how hard planking is, Miranda Kerr recently told The Daily Mail that even she could only plank for ten minutes. TEN minutes. The workout Kirsch designed lasts for 30. Here, he shows us in GIFs how he makes Upton walk and crunch the plank.

Move 1: A plank is a great stability move, Kirsch explains, because it’s easy to engage your whole body. The perfect plank position involves pulling your core and belly button in, keeping your spine vertical and your hands under your chest. Make sure your hips are slightly up. This first move is a knee tuck to hip abduction, which works across the body. Do one side and then switch for 15 reps each.

Move 2: Now incorporate a dumbbell with the plank. Kirsch started with eight pounds, but you can do anywhere from two to five. This lift and bend move works out your triceps and back. Do 15 reps on each side.

Move 3: Now add a high donkey-kick to the plank. Be careful to keep your foot flexed, pressing through the heel to work the entire glute. Repeat with 15 reps per side.

Move 4: Move into a side plank. Make sure to keep your hip up so the line doesn’t drop. Do an oblique crunch, working across the body. Do 15 reps for each side.

Move 5: Work out the chest by adding a dumbbell to do a front-press. Repeat for 15 reps. Now let your muscles relax in the joy of un-planking.

5 Ways to Do a Plank Workout Like Kate Upton