Despite Affirmation, Anna Kendrick Publicly Doubts Her Hotness

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Anna Kendrick — who is a person, by the way, whose name is followed by the word hot as the first Google suggestion prompt if just the letter h is provided — is left wondering. Is she hot?

She just confessed to Glamour:

The thing is, my appearance — that’s never been my moneymaker. I’m fine being small. I’m fine being all the things I am. And I’m happy I’m not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list all the time, because that would be super f—king stressful.

She has wondered this before. She told Elle she hasn’t been hit on in five years:

I think I’m lucky that I’ve never had a crisis about whether the only reason I’m successful is because I’m crazy hot.  It’s not something that crosses my mind.

She was paid to ruminate about this in a beer commercial:

I mean, I’m hot. Like approachable hot, like the-hottest-girl-in-your-improv class hot. Like hot to the kind of guys who, like, feel bad calling a girl hot. But like beer-commercial hot? Am I beer-commercial hot? No, but I love a challenge.

Here’s a helpful statement for all people: If Google prompts the word hot after your name, you are a babe. No need to worry any longer. Give yourself elevator eyes in the mirror and get on with your hot day. And also don’t forget to dole out some self-love for your ability to give yourself backhanded compliments. Few have done it, and it’s truly a feat.

Anna Kendrick Publicly Doubts Her Hotness Again