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An Apple a Day: Your Newest Actionable Sex Tip

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A new study shows that regular apple consumption is related to better sex lives for women. Of course, this doesn’t mean that apples cause better sex, inspire better sex, or galvanize apple-crunchers into the sack. The study doesn’t note that the sightly vision of a person consuming an apple could draw skilled lovers to her feet. The many options that could connect good apples to good sex aren’t parsed, because this is just the newest in a long history of semi-dubious sex studies.

But! This one is irresistibly actionable. Apples are one of the most easily acquired fruits. They require no preparation and are extremely portable. They’re great in pies. Dubious as this sex-improving information might be, it’s too easily accomplished to avoid.

Published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the study details answers from 731 sexually active Italian women (ages 18 to 43), who filled out surveys about their sex lives. Women who reported having better sex often ate more than one apple a day. This relationship could be due to apple’s antioxidant and polyphenol qualities, which increase blood flow (helpful for arousal), or an element called phloridzin, which is similar in structure to a female sex hormone.

It’s a good argument for the apple. We can be grateful the same was not written of poached mangos or the tops of unripe strawberries.

An Apple a Day: Your Newest Actionable Sex Tip