Meeting the Bare Minimum for Meditation Sounds Hard

Photo: Photo Illustration: Photo: Westend61/Mareen Fischinger/Corbis

Meditation seems like the natural antidote to an always-on culture. It’s the path to enlightenment, the key to eternal bliss! But anyone who’s ever tried it knows the downside: It is really, really hard to do, even for a short time. Five minutes of trying to connect with your inner spirit easily feels more like five tortuous hours. 

Now, new research has identified the bare minimum of meditation you need to do in order to achieve meditation’s stress-relieving benefits: 75 minutes, spread out over three consecutive days in 25-minute chunks. That’s … actually a really long time. Good thing sitting alone with your thoughts hasn’t recently been found to be incredibly difficult for most people or anything. 

The Bare Minimum for Meditation Sounds Hard